Welcome Sukuman Rittem and Malwina Kowalska

Welcome Skuman Rittem

Sukuman Rittem
Sukuman Rittem

I graduated as Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M) and have a master’s degree (M.S.) in agricultural biotechnology from Kasetsart University, Thailand. I acquired funding to attend the Enviro-vet Summer Institute course in 2010. Participating in this course in USA and Tanzania gave me a better understanding and the realization of the importance of ecosystem, conservation medicine and one health. During 2012 – 2017, I worked as a staff research veterinarian in the Monitoring and Surveillance Center for Zoonotic Disease in Wildlife and Exotic animals (MoZWE) at the Faculty of Veterinary Science, Mahidol University, Thailand. From this work, I gained experiences to conduct zoonoses and emerging disease surveillance and investigation in wildlife diseases. For example I conducted a leptospirosis survey in wild rodents, avian influenza monitoring in wild birds, zoonotic disease survey in flying foxes, cave bats, macaques, tigers and reptiles. Moreover, during this work, I had opportunities to facilitate and attend many one health related meetings and workshops in Thailand. Since 2017, I have been a lecturer at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Applied Zoology, HRH Princess Chulabhorn College of Medical Science, Chulabhorn Royal Academy, Thailand. I have been granted a full scholarship from HRH Princess Chulabhorn College of Medical Science, Chulabhorn Royal Academy to participate in a PhD programme. I am determined to apply epidemiology and mathematic modelling to wildlife diseases, so I decided to do my PhD with the Epidemiology and Biostatistics program (Life Science Zurich Graduate School) at the University of Zurich. I enrolled for the program in February 2020 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Paul R. Torgerson and Simon Rüegg and work on a project with participatory modelling to apply a one health approach to the challenge of human-monkey conflict in Thailand.


Contact Sukuman Rittem

Office: TBA 10.13

Phone: +41 44 63 58495

E-mail: sukuman.rittem@uzh.ch

Welcome Malwina Kowalska

Malwina Kowalska
Malwina Kowalska

Malwina has been passionate about helping animals since childhood. She knew that her only career choice was veterinary medicine. In 2015 she obtained BSc and in 2019 master’s degree in Veterinary Medicine fom the University of Life Sciences (SGGW) in Warsaw, Poland. While studying she got awarded for her research on invasive forms of parasites in urban sandboxes.
After graduation, feeling itchy to discover new cultures, she moved to Nepal and Thailand. For 4 month she volunteered as a veterinarian in various nonprofit small animal clinics. During her stay in Asia, she saw animals suffering from ocular diseases and was saddened by the lack of qualified veterinarians who could help them. By bicycle, she made the journey back to Europe to broaden her ophthalmology and clinical knowledge. She moved to the UK to complete a rotating internship at a referral hospital followed by a one-year internship in ophthalmology.  There, her interest in scientific research increased and she completed a study on cataract surgeries outcomes that she presented at the 2017 British Veterinary ophthalmologists Meeting.
Malwina is a strong believer of the “One Health” policy, where one of the main principles is that human health depends on its surrounding ecosystems’ health. Given the main research topics of VetEpi team at the UZH is ”One Health”, this was an obvious career choice for Malwina who is currently as a PhD candidate in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Her research focuses on a clinical trial that aims to validate novel treatment for corneal ulcers, a devastating disease in humans and animals.


Contact Malwina Kowalska

Office: TBA 10.16
email: malwina.kowalska@uzh.ch