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Giulia wins the SSPH+ Award 2020

Congratulations to Giulia Paternoster and Kathryn Dawson-Townsend!

Giulia and Kathryn
Giulia Paternoster and Kathryn Dawson-Townsend

On June 23 the Swiss School for Public Health SSPH+ announced the two winners of the SSPH+ Award 2020 for the "Best published PhD Article": Giulia Paternoster won with her article Epidemic cystic and alveolar echinococcosis in Kyrgyzstan: an analysis of national surveillance data published in "the Lancet Global Health" in April 2020, and Kathryn Dawson-Townsend, PhD student at the University of Lucerne, Health Sciences Swiss Learning Health System, won with her article Social participation patterns and their associations with health and wellbeing for older adults published in "SSM - Population Health" in August 2019.

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