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Section of epidemiology

Our Section at the UN Biodiversity Conference

Dr. Simon Rüegg gave two presentations at the UN Biodiversity Conference, investing in biodiversity for people and planet. He outlined the links between One Health and biodiversity.

A side event to the 14th Conference of the Parties

UN CBD Plenary

Dr. Simon Rüegg is a member of the Network for Evaluation of One Health (NEOH) with which he has published a book on evaluation of One Health. The secretariat of the UN Convention for Biological Diversity (CBD) has invited him to present this work at the 14th conference of the parties (COP14) in a side event on integrating biodiversity considerations into One Health approaches.

The biodiversity and health day at the Rio Conventions Pavilion

Dr. Simon Rüegg

He was also invited to present on a panel of the Rio Conventions Pavilion on maximising  ecosystem  and  human  health co-benefit , where he described the network’s evaluation approach, noting it aims to integrate knowledge in a transdisciplinary way by exploring both negative and positive unexpected outcomes that can be attributed to integrated systems. He further noted that One Health complements CBD guidance with concrete indicators for social resilience, ecosystem health and economic benefits. Dr. Rüegg underscored the strong link between biodiversity and physical and mental health, noting that this makes the holistic approach promoted by One Health of noteworthy benefit for policymakers.