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Section of epidemiology

IAEH Webinar Series Announcement: Using Networks to Study Zoonotic Pathogens

Monday, December 18th at 2:00pm EST

Presented by Anna Willoughby, EcoHealth Alliance

The survival of zoonotic pathogens, and ultimately their spread and spillover into humans, depends on transmission between hosts and vectors. One tool to explore these transmission dynamics are biological networks. We will walk through the construction, analysis, and predictive insights from networks that EcoHealth Alliance uses to study zoonotic pathogens. Through several case studies of pathogen networks at the multiple scales we will highlight disease risk among individuals, species, and locations.

Anna is a Research Assistant at EcoHealth Alliance, where she works on a variety of modeling and analytical projects for the USAID PREDICT project. She first applied networks while studying primate social dynamics at Duke University, where she received a BS in Evolutionary Anthropology. Anna now focuses on the dynamics of viral sharing.


This webinar is at 2:00pm Eastern Time (New York). For further time zone conversions, please use the time zone converter at this link: Time Zone Converter - Time Difference Calculator (Classic)

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