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Section of epidemiology

PhD in Biodata Mining and Modeling at University of Torino

The Computational Epidemiology and Data Analysis Unit  of the Department of Veterinary Sciences at the University of Torino is looking for a strongly motivated person with interests in data collection and analysis through mathematical and computational approaches, and a deep interest in multidisciplinary research.


The candidate is expected to work on a joint Doctoral Research Thesis under the co-supervision of Prof. Mario Giacobini at the University of Torino and Prof. Leonardo Vanneschi at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal.


The project aims to develop data-driven approaches to analyze and model phenomena in veterinary sciences. Different techniques, ranging from classical statistical analysis and mathematical modeling to big-data-era machine learning and simulation approaches, will be combined to further our understanding of the complex interplay of data, heterogeneous both in source and scale.


The studied approaches will be applied in ecological, epidemiological, and public health projects, such as the prediction of mosquitoes population dynamics, or the assessment of acute stress and clinical signs of inflammation affecting animal health and welfare bye means of physiological parameters monitored by newly developed wearable active sensors (within the framework of the recently founded European project ECOLAMB).


Interested candidates are invited to send a CV and a motivation letter to Mario Giacobini ( and Leonardo Vanneschi (


Keywords: #datascience, #complexsystems, #bigdata, #datamining, #machinelearning, #modeling, #publichealth, #animalhealth, #animalwelfare