Annual conference of the Association pour l'étude de l'épidémiologie des maladies animales

The 17th annual conference of AEEMA will be held from March 22nd to March 24th in Paris.

AEEMA is the "association pour l'étude de l'épidémiologie des maladies animales" (i.e., French association of vet epidemiologists):

The annual conference covers three days:

  • day 1 is a workshop (topic 2017: " Graphiques à haute densité d'information : des outils pour l'analyse de données épidémiologiques")
  • day 2 is for invited speakers on a specific topic (topic 2017: "Implications épidémiologiques du concept "Une seule santé" (One Health)")
  • day 3 is for open presentation (abstract selection was done in January and each presentation give the opportunity to publish a short paper in their journal)

For details visit their webpage: