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Section of epidemiology

Postdoc in Economics of antimicrobial use

Toulouse Veterinary School - National Institute for Agricultural Research, and Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Toulouse - Institut National de Recherche Agronomique - France - offer a

Post-doctoral position in Economics applied to animal health

Toulouse Veterinary School (ENVT, is a key player of veterinary education in France and has a recognized scientific expertise in the animal world and the field of public health through partnerships with public research institutes among which the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA, The position is offered by the epidemiology and economic research group of ENVT-INRA that interacts with different teams in economics from the great Toulouse scientific environment.


Important changes are occurring in France towards diminishing veterinary antimicrobial use (AMU) materialized by the Ecoantibio national plan (, regulatory framework changes related to vet drug delivery and more broadly the reform of the agricultural orientation law. Meanwhile farmers have to face severe challenges that include high volatility in product prices that may lead to new ways of thinking disease and economic management of farms. Nonetheless, there is a dramatic lack of economic approach on the AMU in food animal production.

The proposed post-doctoral position aims at developing an economic approach of AMU at farm level, focusing on antimicrobial and non-antimicrobial inputs substitution, and accounting for changes in the animal health framework. The bio-economic model optimization will encompass simultaneously the farms and the veterinary offices financial points of view and strategies. It aims at defining the optimal AMU for farmers (i.e. how to reduce AMU without decreasing farm profitability) and for vets (i.e. how to reduce AMU without any future decrease in the vet attractiveness for cattle health). It
shall also encompass the risk of market failure and of the breakdown of the animal  health service framework in case of high institutional pressure on veterinarians and farmers. These professional utility include their short-term income, risk aversion, and various non-financial criteria (sustainable access to vet services for farmers …). The analysis will focus on bovine production but should then be extended to different livestock systems.

For more details see the full description in pdf (PDF, 38 KB).