Symposium on Antimicrobial Resistance in Animals and the Environment

June 26 - 28, 2017 at the Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institut in Braunschweig - Germany

The aim of the ARAE 2017 conference is to present a global vision of antimicrobial resistance. All aspects related to  epidemiology of resistant bacteria, antimicrobial resistance (AMR) of animal and zoonotic pathogens, mobile elements harbouring resistance genes, emerging antimicrobial resistance mechanisms, the role of the environment, resistance gene transfer and dissemination, the use of antibiotics, fighting AMR with novel approaches, and novel diagnostic tool will be discussed.


  • Monitoring and epidemiology of AMR
  • AMR in the environment
  • AMR in animals and zoonotic pathogens
  • Novel and alternative approaches in fighting AMR Novel diagnostic tools

Keynote speaker

  • Engeline van Duijkeren, Bilthoven, NL: Epidemiology of ESBL-E. coli from the One Health perspective Seamus Fanning, Dublin, IE: Pandoras box - full of eastern (AMR) delights!
  • Laurent Poirel, Fribourg, CH: Plasmid-mediated resistance to polymyxins; animals as reservoirs for humans?
  • Rene Hendriksen, Lyngby, DK: Metagenomics analysis - surveillance of all AMR genes from sewage Thomas U. Berendonk, Dresden, DE Scott McEwen, Guelph, CA: CIA list of the WHO

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Final deadline for submission of abstracts is March 24.