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Section of epidemiology

Course: Simulation Modeling for Veterinarians

Introduction to mechanistic Monte Carlo simulation in R: Applications in the veterinary field

General course objectives:

Simulation modeling is a discipline often used in the veterinary field to investigate epidemiological questions. To carry out this kind of simulation, basic knowledge of simulation methods is necessary. The objective for this course is to introduce the participants to simulation modeling in R. The first part of the course will focus on basic knowledge of R so the participants are familiar with programming syntax and fundamental concepts. In the on-site teaching part of the course, the participants will gain a general knowledge of how to structure a programming framework, and how to implement different mechanisms for different questions. The main focus will be on livestock production animals (pigs and cows) and disease spread modeling in these systems. An important part of simulation is presenting the results in a proper way. Participants will learn how to collect the results either during the simulations or after, and to present them in tables and graphics

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