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Section of epidemiology

The Vetepi Section participates in a Radioprogram on One Health

Monsieur Jardinier is broadcast every Sunday morning , when a team of gardeners , veterinarians, biologists and nature lovers come to their studios . They have neither shears nor watering can in hand, but they handle the microphone and telephone. Once a month, veterinarians are invited in to talk about common conditions in pets (such as behavioural problems, diabetes etc). The public can call into the program to ask questions on air.

On Sunday 7th February, the theme of the program was One Health:

  • We were able to show parallels between the way we tackle bovine TB in cattle and a current emerging disease in olive trees.
  • We talked about diversity as a determinant of health not only in ecosystems, gardens or ponds, but also the diversity of behaviour, of movement, of nutrition and of thought as an indicator for welfare in animals and people.
  • We illustrated possible links between plastic bags as breeding sites for mosquitoes and the emergence of Zika virus in Brazil (as was demonstrated for malaria in Tanzania), and talked about the threats neonicotinoids are posing to our food security.

Overall, it was a great program with lots of exchange between the vets and the gardeners, a report on swimming with dolphins and a visit to a home for older people that has pets as collaborators.

To listen to the program in French, please follow the link to the podcast.

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