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Section of epidemiology

e-Courses: Economics of Animal Health

Economic Principles and Concepts for the Veterinary Sciences

The aim of this introductory course is to provide you with the basic concepts and issues in economics as they underlie decision making around animal health problems.

Learning goals:

* Show a good background knowledge of the broad field of economics
* Discuss the role that economics play in the field of animal production
* Understand the economic decisions made by consumers, including the forces influencing consumer behavior, the concept of market demand and the concept of elasticity of demand
* Understand the supply side of the market, as reflected in resource use and production response of businesses (the production function theory) and its reflection in the market supply curve
* Understand the mechanisms behind the clearing market prices as they are determined under perfect and imperfect competition
* Understand some of background of the role of the government in food production and the ways in which the government may be involved in food production

Starts September 21, 2015 * 6 weeks, ca 12 h. p/w *2.5 EC

Online course Applied Economic Modeling for the Veterinary Sciences, offered by Utrecht University

The aim of this online course is to become familiar with basic issues and tools involved in economic decision making. After studying this unit you should be able to contribute in an informed manner to economic decision making discussions and evaluate the economic decisions of others.

Learning goals:

* Analyze economic problems using basic methods such as partial budgeting, cost-benefit analysis and decision analysis
* Detail the critical steps in system analysis and choose appropriate modeling types and techniques
* Describe the use of more advanced methodologies such as linear programming, and Markov chain and Monte Carlo simulation
* Describe the uses of social cost-benefit analysis and multi criteria analysis
* Discuss the importance of Animal Health Economics in decision making, implementation and evaluation of animal health programs, and policy development and implementation processes.

Starts November 9, 2015 * 6 weeks, ca. 14 h. p/w * 3 EC