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Section of epidemiology

Decentralize and operationalize the One Health platforms

Collaboration in Guinea and Democratic Republic of Congo

Guinea and the Democratic Republic of Congo are two countries that are highly affected by epidemic-prone diseases. Despite several "One Health" initiatives in these countries, there is currently no systemic One Health approach that is truly operational. There are three main reasons for this: (1) lack of communication and coordination between existing platforms and their centralization; (2) lack of knowledge of the causes and impacts of emerging infectious diseases on populations, including women and vulnerable groups; and (3) lack of resources and technical knowledge, which results in shortfalls in surveillance and investigation.  

The main objective of this project is to make the existing One Health platforms operational. To this end, the specific objectives are to: (1) map stakeholders and strengthen their coordination; (2) conduct an analysis of the causes and impacts of emerging infectious diseases and their specific effects on vulnerable groups and between genders; and (3) strengthen surveillance, information and risk communication systems while supporting multidisciplinary investigation mechanisms.  

The project will facilitate the participation of both political actors and practitioners in the field, thus addressing the main political, economic, technical and cultural barriers to the implementation of the One Health approach. In addition, this action-research project aims to foster the social and political will to consciously use the approach in order to prevent and better respond to future health crises.